The present is a gift

2014, you are almost over and you were fantastic! You leave me feeling refreshed, inspired and super pumped that Randy and I made it through our first year of parenthood and that our baby boy Ryder turned 1-year-old.
We are happy mamas and papas. And our baby bear is now a toddler bear. We are happy! And tired too of course. But hey, like I said, we are super pumped for the many more years ahead as parents! Bring it on.



I love Big Sur (grew up in Nor. Cal, near the coast and among the redwoods). And I love Henry Miller (first trip to Paris, I read Tropic of Cancer cover-to-cover, absolutely stunned). So when I got the chance to contribute to Public Fiction‘s second issue THE GOLD RUSH/MANIFEST DESTINY (coinciding with LA’s Pacific Standard Time), I figured a story on my West Coast road trip to the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur to be a perfect fit. Thank you Lauren Mackler for inviting me to contribute. An issue that’s so much about promises, impulses, ambition and transformation strikes a chord with me and so many of us here in LA and in the wild, wild west!